Barbies, 3/15/14

Barbies, 3/15/14

One of the many incredible places in Brooklyn for music is a small bar called Barbies.  And lucky for me, it is just around the corner from where I live. 

So, last night, I buddied up with my BFF (don’t you hate this kind of abbreviated shit?) and after a great dinner near by we floated over to Barbies for a 6pm show of a young lady named Mamie Minch.  Now a 6pm show is a bit of an anomaly even in Brooklyn, but here she was booked for that time.

We are seated right next to the stage, great to see, hear, and for me, maybe take a pictures.  I am drinking beer because I tend to get really dry when I am in this mood.

Mamie walks in carrying her two guitars, one a 1937 National Duolian Resophonic, the other one, equally rare, that I could not make out the name clearly.  She plays a mix of country blues and old timey type music, some covers and some original.  All with  feelings that should be more in an old black blues player than a young white female living in trendy Park Slope.



The audience also interests me.  They are older for the most part, looking like 60s lefties aging but still hanging on to the music.  They tap their feet, nod their heads but stay seated or standing in the back.  No dancing, no yelling and screaming, no drunken revelry, just enjoying the music.  This tells me that I am not crazy to be doing this at my age.  The My Generation generation still rocks on.  This need for music does not slow down as you get older, others things like kids and work get in the way, but it is there and I am revitalizing myself by injections of live music.

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I was once a type-A Master-of-the-Universe. In my 50's, I quit Madison Avenue, to return to school for a Ph.D., taught at Hofstra University. and am now retired. I sail my restored 1984 Herreshoff 12 1/2 as much as possible. I saltwater fish as much as possible. I tend my garden, read lots of books, work on my old cars, and drink a glass wine (or martini) whenever possible. WTF, if you want, it can be "Saturday Night Forever." (From Showboat, perhaps the greatest of broadway musicals). I am slowly becoming the Charlie McMellon I knew as a kid growing up in the southend of Bridgeport, CT.

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